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Join us for the 8th International CAA Conference

The 8th international CAA conference will be held in Perth, Australia, 3-5 November 2022. Details and registration can be found here.

The new Boston Criteria (version 2.0) for the diagnosis of CAA were just released

A definite diagnosis of CAA can only be made after death, by examining the brain tissue under the microscope. A breakthrough in the field was the introduction of the Boston criteria in the 1990s, which allowed for the first time to make a diagnosis of possible or probable CAA during life. These criteria are based on  the presence of characteristic neuroimaging  markers, such as microbleeds in the outer regions of the brain. In 2010, the criteria were updated (modified Boston criteria or version 1.5) as knowledge evolved and imaging techniques improved. And now here we are: twelve years of experience and observations later, with the Boston criteria version 2.0. In this updated version, new imaging markers are included to further help doctors in diagnosing CAA. See for more information here.