ECR Network

Mission Statement:

Research in CAA is expanding and evolving – and some of the most exciting work is being carried out by early career researchers (ECRs) at institutions around the world. The International CAA Association ECR Network aims to give a voice to CAA ECRs, and to bring junior researchers together to share ideas, opportunities, and perspectives in order to facilitate international clinical and experimental research collaboration in CAA.

The ECR Network is for anyone working in the CAA field, from undergraduate to post-doctoral to assistant professor levels, and with interests in clinical and experimental (laboratory) research. We hope to take advantage of the friendly and close-knit international CAA community so that ECRs can easily develop their professional network, and have access to the broad range of skills and experience that the CAA community affords, to enable problem-solving and collaboration.

We are a new and growing team – so if you would like to be involved, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

ECR Meeting:

One of our objectives is to organize a biennial International CAA ECR meeting, which would take place in the years between the International CAA Conference. This virtual meeting will be organized by ECRs, for ECRs, with a programme that will include educational sessions on key CAA topics, original research presentations, and mentoring opportunities. The main goals of these meetings are to provide a confidential environment to network and to receive friendly feedback on new research ideas, grant proposals, and data analysis. Moreover, it will provide an opportunity for ECRs to gain experience with conference organization and chairing sessions.

Committee Members:

Sabine Voigt, BSc – Deputy Chair ECR Network

Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands

Gargi Banerjee, MD PhD – Chairwoman ECR Network

University College London, UK

Emma Koemans, MD – Secretary ECR Network

Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands

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