Video: Dr. Steven Greenberg about CAA

What is CAA? How many people are affected by CAA? Is there a connection between Alzheimer’s and CAA? What are the risks when you have CAA? These and more frequently asked questions about CAA are answered by Dr. Greenberg, Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School:



About Steven M. Greenberg
Steven M. Greenberg MD, PhD, is the director of the Hemorrhagic Stroke Research Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital and John J. Conway Chair of Neurology at the Harvard Medical School. Initiated in 1994, the Hemorrhagic Stroke Research Program has become internationally recognized as a leading authority on the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Dr. Greenberg has authored over 82 research articles and over 35 chapters, reviews, and editorials, served as Principal Investigator on multiple national research grants and in leadership positions at national and international conferences on hemorrhagic stroke and vascular cognitive impairment.


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