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A patient-centered website about types, causes, prevention and management of brain bleeds

The site aims to provide patient centered information on prevention, diagnosis, acute management, rehabilitation and other issues that can help people who either had or are at risk of having a brain bleed.

Initiator dr. M. Edip Gurol: “This website can help patients who either had or who were found to be at risk of having brain bleeds. It can be used for patients to help them understand types of brain bleeds, risk factors, diagnoses, management issues, prevention. The audience also includes physicians who are not specialists in the management of intracranial hemorrhages.”

Different types of brain bleeds

Brain bleeds are medical emergencies that can result into disability or death. Prevention is important.
There are different types of brain bleeds, each associated with different risk factors, requiring special preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic methods. The most common types are reviewed in this website and detailed information can be obtained.

Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH)microbleeds superficial siderosis








The site aims to answer general questions about brain bleeds and address common scenarios that patients and their caregivers face. The hope is to raise awareness of the particular issues and facilitate the discussion of patients/caregivers with their healthcare providers to enhance shared decision making.



Source:  dr. M. Edip Gurol

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